VFX: Weapons & Projectiles – Simple muzzle flash concepts

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Muzzle flash references

What is a muzzle flash?

A muzzle flash is a result of a controlled, directional explosion.

Its core purpose is to signify the creation of a projectile. So its important to consider the projectile’s characteristics before the muzzle flash itself.

Variables to consider

Variables to consider when concepting a Muzzle Flash:

1. Size of your projectile
2. Color 
3. What your projectile is made from

In this example, we’re using a standard bullet found in practically every single game.

Its a mid sized bullet made from some kind of plasma. The white core signifies its 

Animation steps

Once you have a general idea of the variables, you can start creating the animation.

This is the most straight forward method I’ve discovered- give it a try!

1. Initial flash. Largest and brightest the animation will be.
2. Follow through. A stretched out shape with colors other than white help define the projectile’s characteristics.
3. Dissipation. This is up to your interpretation. You can ease out the alpha, blink it out, dissipate the shape, dissolve the shapes into particles, and so on!


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