Its important to place myself in the shoes of my audience, or a younger Jason when designing this website.

How can I make everything convenient for the audience?

I believe the answer is is corner-stone pages with relevant solutions tied to them.

They’re essentially dense articles that are made up of other posts related to the same topic. Its perfect for readers to narrow down their search & allows for people to dig deeper into a topic.

Its strange how most content creators overlook this sort of structure. They tend to post based on time… aka updates related to the projects their working on. As great as that sounds, as a lazy person myself, I would hate to dig through dozens of videos/posts/feeds to find a solution to a nuanced problem.

I think the core issue lies in the platforms themselves. Social platforms that glorify instant gratification and constant updating. Constant updates mean more engagement, which in result, drives more traffic and money for those companies.

So my answer to this is to of course, focus on creating relevant corner-stone pages. At the very core, its just another way to display a blog page! But instead of categorizing by categories or other generic metrics, we sort them by questions. Questions the audience has. That is what the corner-stone page will do.

Corner stone pages provide the answers to tough, long-term questions.

From there, I’m hoping the solutions I create will be able to sustain me financially. With the right strategy, hard work, and a bit of luck, I might just be able to pull this off. Who knows! But I’m down to give it a shot.

Sharing this is a reminder to put in the work, stay connected with the people, and to take Corner-stone content to the mooooon!!


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I'm a Game-Dev specializing in 2D VFX & Animation. I wish to simplify the learning process & help creatives learn new skills through LearnIndie.


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