Started working on Ember Knights and Rivals of Aether

I started working on Ember Knights and Rivals of Aether as of last week!! 

The timing is not ideal because I have to work on both projects at the same time. Meaning, I have to work upwards of 50 hours a week.. more hours if I’m considering the time I spend on studies & personal work.

But on the bright side, this is THE perfect opportunity to get real experience under my belt. I’ve neve worked on large projects yet alone experienced teams. 

This’ll also push my comfort zones to the absolute limit. Based on my previous experiences, pushing beyond what I THINK I’m capable of is nothing but positive outcomes. 

Plans for the upcoming months

Just because my schedule is packed doesn’t mean Ill be abandoning my personal work!

I’ll continue to update this blog bit by bit on my spare time and reach out to my friends if they’d like to share their insights.

I’m DYING to fill up my VFX Libraries like Smoke FX with juicy content so that’ll be top priority. Adding content is also great practice for my commission work so that’s a win win! 

Speaking of VFX libraries, here are the ones I have in mind:

1. Blood FX or Liquid FX ? 
2. Explosion FX
3. Fire FX

There are a million more assets, games, and things id love to create but I must restrain myself to work on these libraries. I’m certain these libraries will become cornerstone resources that can be references & built upon for the long term.

That about does it for this post. 

Thank you for reading & catch you on the next one! -j

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slimehunter · July 17, 2021 at 11:11 am

Holy crap, congrats! Good luck on your new work on these games! Looking forward to seeing what you create on those teams!
Blood, smoke, explosion, fire all sound great.

If you’re taking suggestions, I’m wanting to create tentacular effects, so like vines+whips with some liquid and slightly meaty squishiness,


    jasontomlee · July 17, 2021 at 11:38 pm

    Appreciate the kind words Slimehunter! Great suggestions. Any thoughts on where the vine/whips will be categorized? And the liquid/meaty fx would definitely be a part of a VFX:Liquid/ VFX:Blood N’Gore library 😀

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