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Documenting your progress

Back in 2016 I started a Twitter account. 

It was the first time Ive ever browsed #pixelart #gamedev Twitter and the first time Ive ever shared anything Ive created. To be inspired by all the talented people was one thing, but to share something yourself was another.

Back then I was fairly new to Gamemaker studio so I followed a bunch of tutorials to create things. I had 0 pixel-art experience & had no intention of learning it so my projects looked straight up AWFUL. 

Ive had my share of ups and downs by not meeting unrealistic expectations. But what kept me going in the long run is to not be afraid nor ashamed of your work! Its not the end of the world when something does not go your way.

Don’t be afraid

Even now after posting for years, there is a voice in the back of my mind that says things like:

“There are countless amounts of people who are better than you. Why are you posting?”

“This isnt complete enough, I shouldnt share this”

But the thing is, this voice will always be there. No matter how skilled you are objectively, the sense of doubt lingers in every creative’s mind. Funny enough, that doubt is what allows us to get out of our comfort zones to improve.

So when these thoughts surface, remember that there is nothing to lose and only everything to gain! Because every post, every bit of progress gets you that much closer to your goals.

If you need help…

If you need help with sharing your work, try posting in dedicated game-dev Discord groups. You need to get comfortable with posting to your friends & peers before sharing to the world. Here are a few Discords I’d recommend:  Pixonomicon | PixelArt | Gamemaker2 | Gamemaker Helps 2.3 

If you follow any Game-dev working on a larger-scale game, they’ll probably have a dedicated Discord too. It is a great way to not only breed a community for your favorite developer but to meet others with something in common from the get go!

 Here are a few I’m in: Knight Shift games | Juju’s Kitchen | PIXADOME | Blastmode | The House of Peeps | Enuan’s Path | BerskerkBoy | Creative Peeps ( my server 😀 )

If you have the opposite problem of wanting to post more often, try making a set posting schedule. Post a progress gif once every ‘x’ days and chat about other things while you’re working on it. Or simply take a break from posting!

That about does it for this blog post. Catch ya on the next one! -j

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