Platformer Starter Pack is out! A few thoughts

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Where to find it

My first major product is finally out! Its posted on and here on this site. 

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In the previous post, I mentioned incentivizing people to visit LearnIndie from other sites.

 I planned on selling this asset cheaper on this site but I figured is the better choice.

The “On-Sale” and “Popular” tags helps your projects get noticed. This is an example of the views chart after I released a free asset pack (Smoke FX[Lite]) also has this neat sales goal feature that encourages people to purchase & see how the sales are doing.

It’s exciting to see the actual numbers go up and reach its goal.

This is another reason why I decided to host a sale on Itch. As of writing, I got my first sale! Sick! 😀 

What's next in the upcoming months?

I don’t think I’ve talked about the actual scope of this asset pack… So lets talk about it now that it’s out! 

There will be hundreds of unique animations, tons of style and color variations. This is just the baseline!

To sort through and export those animations easier, I plan on creating an HTML5/.EXE program that allows users to save even more time.

It’ll be fun to design this program to allow users to test out animations in an ACTUAL game format. And export customized assets when they find their favorite ones.

All of these ideas are quite far from now since I have to build the baseline of asset… but I’m stoked nonetheless! 

In the upcoming months, I’ll be organizing the aftermath of my asset creation to create write-ups & GIF-tutorials.

On the side, Ill be churning out new updates based on your guys’ feedback. This will also be the time to experiment with the Indievault’s exclusive posts & other stuff.

  Fingers crossed there is more than 1 purchase, hah! ;D

That is all. Thank you and hope to catch you next time! -j



I'm a Game-Dev specializing in 2D VFX & Animation. I wish to simplify the learning process & help creatives learn new skills through LearnIndie.

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Casgadom · May 17, 2021 at 10:13 am

Hi there! Thanks for creating this platform and the warm welcome. Wishing all the best for the near and far future. Looking forward to the next updates 😀

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