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Lets talk about the plans for LearnIndie & how they’ve changed over time.

So from the very start, I wanted to monetize in two ways.
The first being long-term products that have content & educational material tied to them.
The second being a subscription model that provides more value to existing customers/fans.

There was no concrete plan on HOW to make it all happen. So I set off to create the first minimal viable product in hopes of finding the right ideas.

The plan now

I thought the subscription model should be the main way to monetize my work. I envisioned it to be a mixture of Patreon and a Amazon Prime sort of thing where subscribers get a ton of stuff for a flat cost.

But I’ve come to realize that idea is only viable when there is value to leverage. Value in terms of literal things to offer and value in terms of relationship with the audience. I have little to none of either of those and it takes time to build them up. 

So what now?

The first goal should be to incentivize and encourage my audience to visit this site.

All the value I bring to my audience is localized here so it’s a win win for me & my audience. And having everyone is one place helps me listen to the feedback necessary to create things that my audience needs. 

How will I do that?

I have a ton of free stuff on One way is to sell the same thing on Itch but offer lower prices & free memberships when they visit here. 

Lets talk about products and their life-cycle.

Most asset/game creators work on their project till it’s ‘complete’ then move on. This cycle creates a catalog of products that end up being redundant and confusing for the customer. It’s a wasteful way of working imo.

One way to combat this idea is to create generalized products that have add-ons. Add-ons that are updated upon the purchasers request for the long-term. This allows me to focus on a few products that evolve based on the customer’s feedback. My hope is that it creates a happier customer & less clutter headache for me! 

Lets see how these ideas pan out. Ill keep you guys updated!

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I'm a Game-Dev specializing in 2D VFX & Animation. I wish to simplify the learning process & help creatives learn new skills through LearnIndie.


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