(PIXELART: Aseprite) Animation setup with Aseprite


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Animate with Aseprite

1. What to buy

These items are not required to Animate pixel-art but are highly recommended.

But if you’re planning on animating digital art in the future, they are necessary tools! 

Wacom Tablet (Intuos S)

$100 for a tablet that gets the job done with worth the money.

 I’ve gotten $30-50 tablets in the past & those broke before I opened the box… 🙁

Wacom has higher quality tablets as well. Check them out on their site.

Arthritis Gloves

Please do yourself a favor & protect your hands!

No matter how young or gamer ready you are, animation will absolutely destroy your hands. Play it safe and buy these.


We’re using Aseprite in this article series so you better buy this software!

2. Two setup styles

Segmenting work into focused blocks improves productivity.

Lets give an example to demonstrate this point.

If there are 5 tasks to complete, is it better to:

1. Work on random tasks for 5 minutes until everything is complete

2. Work from task 1 to 5, only changing when one is complete

We will apply this concept to our animation set-up so we are well prepared to make the best work possible.

The Sketch Set-up

This is a style I’ve developed over the years. It looks like a CS:GO pro setup but TRUST ME, it works.

Its sole purpose is to sketch shapes and motion quickly. Nothing more, nothing less. The restricted hand position encourages you to focus on the sketch & not the buttons.

How to use it

Pan between frames quickly using the Arrow Keys. 

As you make mistakes, undo/redo using the Up and Down arrows.

Use your thumb to press Num0 so you can erase things.

Setting up Hotkeys



The Polish Set-up

Once your sketches are complete, the rest is based off of your preferences.

You can choose to use a mix of mouse & the tablet or go with only one. The hotkeys can be changed to be closer to eachother.

Find what works and doesnt work.

For me, I unbinded Ctrl + N and Ctrl + M because Id create new layers/frames without noticing. 

I also changed the selection tool from M to A since M is quite far away.

Final Thoughts

Experiment with different setups to find the style that works for you because it is something that evolves overtime.

Good luck and have fun with it! Peace 




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