Curve of Forgetting

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Learning opens up doors

Ill be talking about a book Im reading at the moment, “The Science of Accelerated Learning” by Peter Hollins. It’s a very short read (sub 200 pages)- I highly recommend it! 

Learning is the foundation to… everything really. People who don’t learn stay stagnant in every way. The way they act and their ability to do things stay the same. I like to think of these types of people as zombies.

Learning new things opens up doors of possibilities and experiences that lead to more doors opening in the future. Ill talk about the methods the book outlines & my personal interpretations of them on another post but for now, lets talk about why practice is just as important as learning.

Practice keeps those doors open

Think of something you’re learning right now- A school subject, a creative project, a recipe for dinner, etc…

Now tell me, can you accurately replicate the same task/bit of knowledge 10 days later?

If not, you do not have a deep, long-term understanding of it. Better yet, you probably forgot over 40% of the material within the same period. 

Our brains are scientifically proven to flush out unnecessary bits of knowledge and experiences. We don’t remember what we had for lunch on our 35th day of 2nd grade- it’s irrelevant information to our brains!

By practicing or repeating a task over a long period of time, we condition our brains to retain that bit of knowledge. Think of it like a muscle when working out (your brain is a muscle after all). 

Lets compare a body builder with a decade of experience to a 1 year jock. If 200lbs is their max bench press weight, who will be stronger after 3 months of 0 working out? The body builder!

Just like the body builder, we must continue to exercise our long-term skills & knowledge. This way, we are able to build an unshakable foundation that can never be forgotten nor altered.

That about does it for this post- hope to catch you on the next one -j

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