Ive started reading this book, “Never Split The Difference” by Chris Voss. And right from the get go, there was a passage that spoke so much truth:

“Our techniques were the products of experimental learning; they were developed by agents in the field, negotiating through crisis and sharing the stories of what succeeded and what failed. It was an iterative process, not an intellectual one,…” Page 4

Schools teach us to get it right rather than to find the solution yourself. The emphasis being on the answer, not the process.

Social media does the same, where the flashy, glamorous take the spotlight.

Its so so sooooooo important to acknowledge the difference between the two. More so for the creative folks who are constantly dabbling & trying out new ideas.

This concept hits so close to home.. I feel like my best work comes from pushing the boundaries by trying out new ideas…. ideas that seem nearly impossible..

Even this blog post you’re reading right now is an ‘impossibility’ to me haha! Ive plagiarized nearly all my essays and sparknoted book reports for as long as I can remember. To go from that to reading nearly every day for 2 years and writing tutorials/blog posts is what it’s all about, the iterative process.
The only goal in mind is to continue this process- anything else is merely an outcome to the process.

I hope this short passage & personal story inspires you to pursue the process and to not be afraid to fail. I’m rooting for all of you, lets go!


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