Goals for 2022

What have we been up to?

Lets review what we’ve been up to the past few months!

I started working with VFX Apprentice to create courses for them. We will work closely together to create educational content for the game-dev community. 

A separate network site was set up (network.learnindie.com) to host all of our courses and provide a place to network with our community.

In January, I teamed up with a talented pixel-artist friend, Alexander ‘Mamoruhik‘.

We collaborated to create our very first course, Pixel-art for Beginners 14-Day streak, on the new platform.

The feedback  is being used to improve our second course, Animation for Beginners 14-Day streak. It will be released sometime in Feb.

Get weekly updates by following the Weekly Updates group on our network site.

Plans for early 2022

With my schedule packed till May-June,  I will devote my spare time to reach out to create smaller courses and grow our community through collaboration.

Here are a few ideas I have in mind to grow our community:
1. Reach out to mutuals to do a casual interview about themselves and their craft.

2. Contact every asset and game-jam creator on Itch.io for promotion, collaboration, or partnership. 

Give them a place to share their knowledge & enrich their communities.

3. Team up with Aseprite and Gamemaker/Opera to teach their software in our Free 14-day challenges for Beginners. It will provide value for both parties. 
Work out a deal to buy their software in bulk for giveaways.

4. Team up with other educators to create advanced courses. 

Once we have a baseline ecosystem of game-devs, I will work fulltime on creating the juicy material for Learnindie.

Those things would include my very own Advanced Animation/VFX course, a complimentary app for our courses.

Goals for late 2022

By this time, my schedule will be freed up!

If I am to work on things for LearnIndie fulltime, I must really think about the things I am most effective on (aka things that feel ‘natural to me’).

So here’s a short list of things I will work on:
1.  Advanced Animation Course

2. Advanced VFX course

3. Animated GIFs for all course topics

With the help of partners and hired work, here’s what we plan on creating:

1. Gamemaker for Beginners (14day challenge)
2. Advanced Pixel-Art Course
3. Game Demo course (Make Space Invaders in 14Days, etc…)
4. Music for Beginners (14day challenge)
5. Game Design   for Beginners 
6. HTML5/Exe app to host all GIFs and tools.

Once a baseline of courses are established, we will branch out to more niche topics such as Environmental Art and Character Design.

That about covers it for this update, thank you! -j

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I'm a Game-Dev specializing in 2D VFX & Animation. I wish to simplify the learning process & help creatives learn new skills through LearnIndie.


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