As a creative person, this thought lingers on my mind all the time.

How can someone like me, who is just like many others, capable of providing insane value to a niche market? Can’t many others do the same thing?

Yes. There are many people like you who can do the same things as you. Heck, there is always going to be someone who can do it faster & better. But here’s the catch… there’s many like you but no one IS YOU. Take that cheesy statement into heart for just a moment.

Creative ideas are spontaneous, seemingly random manifestations rooted in the creators personal experiences. These personal experiences are ‘finger prints’, unique to each and every one of us. This is powerful stuff. Not only do we have personal experiences and values to base our work off of, we have the ability to LEARN.

Back to the question of finding your niche… So if we recognize that we are unique individuals, how does that help in finding a niche?
Its impossible to read the mind of another person, yet alone millions of peoples minds. So asking the question of finding your niche is too broad. There are too many unknown variables to consider. What we should really be asking is “How do I find people like me?” “How do I find my voice?”

Its much easier to find people who share similar interests/values than it is to speculate. I really believe that niches are born from people who simply connect with people, which results in other people connecting with eachother! Its a byproduct of a single connection, a single hello, a piece of work…

So take time to find yourself, your voice. Work on making meaningful connections rather than finding a market.

Ill touch up on this topic in future posts, thank you for reading!

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