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How to Record Gifs for Social Media

1. The software

There are tons of screen-recording software out there. But when it comes to creating gifs for social media, ScreenToGif is the way to go!

Why is it the best?

  • Free
  • Lightweight application
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Adjustable recording FPS and window size 
  • Tons of editable features
  • Easy to save files & edit frames

2. The set up

There’s a few things to keep in mind when setting up ScreenToGif.

  • If you’re trying to record a perfect loop, make sure you record at least 2-3 loops. DON’T try to time the record/pause perfectly!
  • Don’t manually set the window size if you need a specific size. Type it in the Width/Height text box down below.
  • The FPS affects the speed at which the animation plays. 60 fps is usually the way to go.

3. Editing frames

Most of the time, you will be creating looping GIFs. Here’s how I approach it!

  • Start with any frame (make sure it is the FIRST unique frame)
  • ‘Delete all Previous’ frames in the ‘Edit’ tab.
  • Loop until you reach the first frame.
  • Go back one frame and then “Delete all Next’

4. Saving & posting the files

Create folders to categorize and save your files.

I personally enjoy saving progress GIFs by year and contract work on folders categorized by project.

This reduces clutter when I have to find files for work. But it allows me to  track my personal progress in chronological order. (I have folders dating back to 2016!!) 

Final thoughts

Once you follow all those steps, you should be ready to record and post your creations on social media!

Twitter is the best place to post GIFs (in my opinion) while pictures do best for Instagram. Posting on Reddit (PixelArt community) works well too.

If you need help getting some traction on Twitter, ping me at @jasontomlee and Ill help you out with a retweet. 

Thanks for reading and catch you on the next one! -j 




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