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You are a biproduct of your environment

Lets talk about a chapter from the book, “The Magic of Thinking BIG” by David J. Schwartz. It is a topic that hits home- I’m hoping it shifts your perspective towards a more positive one!


In the chapter Manage your Environment: Go First Class, he talks about how one’s environment affects one’s status. Just like the body, what you consume & interact with is what you eventually become.

This concept in particular fascinates me because it is REAL. When you take a step back to assess who you’ve become over the years, you may see a similar pattern between who you are around & who you are. 

I’m not THAT that old but I’ve seen my fair share of people’s stories. 

I’ve seen Middle School friends who went from casual smokers to full on drug addicts. Want to guess what type of people they hung out with throughout the years? Liars, other druggies, and ambitionless people.

I’ve seen the complete opposite story first hand. A dear friend moved around a ton, had divorced parents, and had straight Fs. Fast forward a few years and he’s working a stable job, leading a small community, and supports his family. Want to guess what type of people he hung out with? People within his support group community, supportive partner, and positive friends.

The people around you are your mental food. To aspire to do great things that go beyond mediocrity requires healthy ‘mental’ food. It’s a looooong ass journey to run the life-long marathon of prosperity. And to be fueled by ‘mental’ beer & junk food wont cut it. 

If you are not willing to change your environment, then you may as well give up on your ambitions. If you can’t change your ambition, the only thing left to do is shift the environment around you. 

There is a saying that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with… It could not be more true! 

Change the narrative you intake

It can be tough meeting new people yet alone meeting your good friends especially during this pandemic. So how do you change your environment without really changing the people around you?

Change the words and voices you intake.

With the internet, we are blessed with an infinite catalog of podcasts & books from the coolest people around. When I mean cool, I mean movie stars to billionares to the leaders within your industry! How amazing is that?

We all have the opportunity to change the narrative we intake. There are no excuses. Lets go!

I hope you enjoyed my short take on this book’s excerpt. It’s quite a tangent from the usual game-development topics but oh well, gotta love it 😀 Cya on the next one! -j

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